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Quick Takes, Flying with Children Edition

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Ah, just joining the millions of voices on this topic, but I get asked often enough, so here goes. These are a few things that help us when we are traveling (specifically flying) with littles, which is pretty often. 

1. Car Seat Bag: We are fortunate enough to have a couple of carseats that my parents keep stored at their place so we haven't had to travel with the infant seat in a long time. Now that we're three kiddos deep, we have to bring a third carseat and we busted out this bag again. Sometimes they'll check it for free when you're checking in, otherwise, we bring it through security and gate check it there. The backpack straps on this bag make it easier to chase after children if you accidentally let them out of the stroller, you fool. I'm talking to myself of course. 

2. Double Stroller: Yes, we love our Bob Duallie, but it's such a beast, and I'm afraid they'll ruin it, which is kind of funny because I'm sure my children are going to destroy it any day now. But for this trip we found a double umbrella stroller (very similar to this one) on Craigslist and it was totally worth it. It's pretty bare bones, but when you need to move little people quickly and keep them contained, it works. 

Update: we have since traveled with our Bob Duallie, and it was worth it since we still had to lug around our kiddos. It was already pretty beat up, so I wasn’t too worried about it being tossed under the plane. It survived just fine.

3. Travel Mug: Once upon a time I used to get through security, pick up a magazine and a latte, and slowly sip it before and after boarding my flight because airport life sans kids is a breeze. Now there is no way I would dare carry one of those flimsy paper cups while trying to deal with one of our offspring. Insert travel mug. But it has to be spill proof like this one. I still get my latte post security-check-madness, but now I can drink it over the course of four hours and it's still hot, and it won't get knocked out of my hand and onto the airport floor. Win win win.  

4. Arts and Crafts: LOL not really, but the kids love vandalism, so lets try to rein it in a bit. If you haven't heard of the Melissa and Doug Water Wow! pads, go get thee a few. We have them at home, but I keep them stored away for desperate times and travel times. It's. Just. Water. So even if they sit on it, it won't saturate their pants with blue ink like the markers I stupidly bought for this most recent flight. Thank the Good Lord for Zote soap. Speaking of markers, I should have brought the Crayola Color Wonder because they are good markers that only color on special paper and we have them and I'm dumb for not bringing them. My children arrived to CA looking like little works of art.   

5. Sticker Books: I had to really let go and let God here, because I want them to place all the stickers in all the right places because that's what the instructions said to do and why don't you just get it? But you know what? I'm the grown up and they're just kids, so I let them pile the stickers high, high, high. Also, because they're not good at peeling stickers back, it takes them a long time and that's just what I want. Our kids liked this Finding Dory one, and the reusable sticker book by Melissa and Doug (it's just a little larger than I would like). 

6. Head Phone Splitter: Ah, the holy grail of plane bribes. If you have more than one child who loves the allure of the screen, you are going to want headphones for both kids, and this little gem. We just got a two way splitter, but they do make them for more, which we will probably need at some point. 

7. Sticky Bunnies: That's what my kids call them anyway. They're actually just Annie's fruit snacks, but they only get them at Nana's and when we travel. It's the ultimate bribe treat. Usually they are offered with a side of clenched teeth and loud whispers to plz b quiet.  

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