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Can a hashtag be a post title? Hmm. Many deep thoughts. 

Guys, blogging hasn't even been on the back burner. It's been collecting dust and grease somewhere behind the stove. Yes, yes, this is a garden update, but it's also kind of a life update, ya know? I'm just learning to create boundaries for myself, and when I'm getting overwhelmed by the day to day life stuff, I know I need to cut things out and trying to get a post hammered out is one of those things. 

Okay, lots has changed since my post from early April. First we got our fence installed. It's awesome and contains our children, and we've really been able to enjoy being outside with them. We've done loads around the garden beds, and we have many of them! I won't go into to too much detail, because I'm hoping I can write more later. 

Oh, and that blog title? It's a little hashtag I whipped up after obsessing over my friend Laurel's beautiful California garden. She was using Instagram stories to share her garden, and in an effort to make her share more, this little hashtag entered the scene. Mostly because Monday's can be really crappy, and gardening is just such a joy, I figured we should just make garden tours a Monday thing. Join us! Anna, Bonnie, Dwija, Rosie, Katie, and others have shared. It's fun to see what others are growing and learning from them. 

Okay, these photos are from April and May. I'll get June photos up in another post. 

It's so crazy to see how the raspberries looked a few weeks ago. They are much more abundant now. 

The lilacs are long gone, but they were so, so beautiful while they lasted. 

This mandarin lights azalea was such a surprise. The blooms are short lived, but really vibrant. 

Our window boxes got loaded up, and are looking very lush these days. 

Our veggie gardens have been planted too. We have bush beans, pole beans, three tomato plants, a zucchini plant, cucumber plant, and rows of carrots, beets, and radishes. Our boys love checking the beds to see what's gotten bigger, and they really love trying to pick things prematurely. We're working on it.