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Jacqui Skemp5 Comments

Someday I'll get the big ol' blog roll back up and running. When I switched over to Squarespace I didn't make the time to add them all back, but I will! Pinky promise. 

In the mean time, here are four new-to-me blogs that I've been reading. I also really enjoy their Instagram accounts. 

A Gentle Mother- Christina is funny, and beautiful, and she wraps her babies like an amazing mama goddess. You can follow her blog here, and her Instagram account here. Her feed is the perfect mix of babies and baking. 

Musings of a Queen B- That title cracks me up. I'm not sure if it's supposed to, but it does. Bridget is a newlywed with lots of style. Her pretty blog puts mine to shame. You can read her posts here, and follow her here

Hey Katie- I want to be real life friends with Katie. Is that too forward? But seriously, this girl is all class, and amazing hair, and vulnerability. She's blogging here, and Instagramming here. Also, her hair is amazing. Did I mention that already?

My Minnesota Garden- You betcha I was looking up gardening blogs after the warm weather we had this weekend. I know it's going to snow again, but let me have this, ok? Ok. And I've got to be realistic about what can grow this far north, and I appreciate this inspiration. Maria seems to be a pro gardener, and takes beautiful photos of her plants, so win, win, win. You can follow her blog here, and Insta account here

And speaking of blogging, I'm just gonna remind you that if you are a woman who blogs and you are in the midwest or are willing to travel here in late March, registration for our conference closes in less than a month. We set up a website with all the info! So head over there, join the group, register, and get ready for some crazy blogging fun. Okay, maybe not crazy, but it will be fun.