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7 Quick Takes: The Postpartum Edition

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While I can't blame all the blog silence on my two crazy toddlers and newborn baby (I mean, new house, new routines, giant pregnant belly and prodromal labor) they have been a bit time and brain space consuming. But here's to jumping back in with some Quick Takes: The Postpartum Edition, inspired by the ever cool Blythe's post about how to do it like a boss

1. A robe - I've lived in this one from Target. I kept it in my hospital bag, so the first time I used it was after that glorious postpartum shower. You know the one I'm talking about. There's something about staying in a robe all day for days that makes you just slow down, which is exactly what needs to happen when you're healing and recovering after giving birth. 

2. This little spray bottle - handy dandy! If you've had a baby you know what I'm talking about, and if you're going to have a baby, do yourself a favor and get one. They one they give you in the hospital is fine, but this one is just designed better. Plus, all my nurses were super impressed with it. Oh, and while you're at it, get this New Mama Bottom Spray

3. Cuarentena - I know, what? It's the term for the Mexican tradition of resting for forty days postpartum. I've never done it for that long, and honestly, of my three births this is the most I've rested postpartum. The tradition involves the new mama carrying for only her baby while her family takes care of her and her home. No stairs. No extensive walking. No standing for long periods of time. Food and drink restrictions. So many things.

 I recently read an article about the Chinese tradition of "sitting the month" that sounds pretty similar. All of my midwives, and doulas have emphasized this wisdom. I know not everyone has the luxury of doing this, and I realize how fortunate I am. My parents have been able to spend the first few weeks of our babies lives taking care of us. They cook and clean, play with the older kids, bounce the baby so I can nap or shower. It's amazing and a huge blessing. Thank you, mom and dad! 

4. Sitz Baths- I've been fortunate in that each of my deliveries has been easier on my body than the last, postpartum anyway. With my first two boys we didn't have a bath tub, I took advantage of the hospital tubs. After my second delivery, I got this fancy thing. But this time around we had a deep, deep tub. Let the angels sing. So I tried to take at least two soaks a day. My amazing midwife gave me a bag of herbs to hang under the running water (she's amazing, right). Nell's sister makes and sells some here, if you're interested in stocking up before you have your bebe. 

5. TV Shows - this is the real highlight of postpartum time, right? jk jk, I love you, baby. But I've done plenty of binge watching, because I spend about 90% of my time nursing a baby, or trapped under a sleeping baby. So what have I been watching? 

-Nashville: I've never seen it before so I've got a whopping 5 seasons to plow through. It's light watching, with a healthy dose of drama. 

-Westworld: It's pretty graphic, but so fascinating! I finished that one in a few days. I had to mute it at times because the sounds, oh the sounds. 

-Detectorists- thanks to my friend Annie for this recommendation. I've been watching this one with Ian in the evenings, so I can't exactly binge watch it. 

-A sprinkling of 30 Rock and Parks and Rec to lighten things up

6. This Ikea Cart: GET IT. I've got diapers and newborn clothes on the bottom two racks, and then on the top one I keep my water bottle, meds, chargers, hand lotion, chapstick, etc. It's perfect because you can roll it right up to your bedside. Also, get your brother to build it. 

7. And the best part of postpartum: 

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