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Fall Family Visit

Jacqui SkempComment

What a whirlwind the last few months have been. After we got back from our trip to California it was just go, go, go. Between weddings, baptisms, trips with friends, back to school for Ian and our oldest son starting pre-k, hosting my parents, and then hosting missionaries, we're just now getting our heads on straight and finding a new rhythm. The month before my family came we (me) decided things needed to be switched around. We played a game of merry-go-round with the bedroom situation. So what was once "master bedroom, boy bedroom, boy bedroom, and guest room" became "tv room, guest room, boys room, master bedroom." Oh, and I insisted we paint one of the rooms. Ian was thrilled. It took a month because #threeboys. 

My parents and brother arrived while I was on the Blessed Is She team retreat, and we had ten lovely days together. The boys were in heaven. And even though the weather was not ideal -lots of rain- we still managed to do a few fun fall things. I also made my dad tour a house that was for sale because I am committed to them moving here.  


And of course my dad made his signature feast: carne asada, rice, beans, salsa, guacamole. Victor can't wait until he can eat it too.


We joined my inlaws for apple and pumpkin picking, and the boys really hamed it up for the photos. 


I really don't have much to say besides the fact that I am just so grateful that my parents and brother are healthy and able to visit us occasionally. We're #blessed