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Jacqui Skemp4 Comments

Well, it's been ten days now, and a lot and not a lot has happened in regards to our housing situation. 

We are considering buying a home, so that's kind of a huge deal. Our original plan before getting married was to wait until we were debt free to buy a house (a la Dave Ramsey) but as life would have it, continuing to rent might be exponentially more expensive than just buying a small home. So we're meeting with people, creeping on houses, and searching and praying and waiting. 

We're also taking a first time home buyers class and it's been really enlightening so far. I highly recommend it if you are a first time homebuyer with load of questions like us.

I figure we'll just keep walking down this path, and if a door closes we'll take that as confirmation that right now isn't the time. 

This past weekend I had to privilege of being on retreat with many of the Blessed Is She creative and writing team. Several of us in the Twin Cities know and see each other often, but it was so great to finally meet people in real life who I've been online friends with for years now. It was also enlightening to see how tall and short people are. ha. 

Anyway, per Mary's suggestion I started reading Hallie Lord's book On The Other Side of Fear and so far I've only cried twice. I started it last night. I suppose it's really good for anyone, but man is it the right season for me to be reading this right now. 

Yesterday I drove around a potential new neighborhood listening to the most recent episode of Fountain of Carrots and I highly recommend it if you've lost a child or have a friend who has lost a child. 

Oh! One of the other highlights of this weekend was taking the Modern Calligraphy class with my friend Erica. Click here to find one in your area, I highly recommend it. I signed up with a few girlfriends and it was really fun and relaxing, and I can't wait for my babies to nap so I can bust out my paper and ink again.

Until next time!