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Glory Story

Jacqui Skemp6 Comments

Many, many moons ago I served with a group of young people who traveled around the country talking to youth about God. Every so often, we would take time to write what were called “glory stories.” We wrote them about a conversation, a conversion, a moment where we saw God working in the lives of the young people we met with, or the families who hosted us. I was able to see His work in the lives of those around me, but I had a really hard time seeing the glory story He was writing in my own life. I still struggle with that.

In our five years of marriage, we’ve made our lives in four different homes, and yesterday we found out that this spring our landlord will not be renewing our lease and we’ll be moving into our fifth home. We just don’t know where that will be yet.

The moving part? It sucks, but honestly, that’s the part that bothers me the least. We did a great job purging and packing things before our last move, and we’ve got lots of boxes that are still taped up.

The kids will be fine. I was so worried about how the transition to this last place would go, but they were awesome. I think we actually were doing a lot more thriving than surviving after the move.

The hardest part is trust. Trusting that He will provide. Trusting that this time we’ll find the place for us.

Two years ago I insisted that we needed to move (because the mice, oh! The mice!) and then it became clear that moving wasn’t an option. So I trusted that that was where we were supposed to be. Four months later we got a notice to vacate. We packed up our lives with a newborn, and moved. I thought our next move would last a lot longer, but that became clear that it wasn’t the right fit, so we packed up and moved again in less than a year. And then here, in a beautiful neighborhood, close to family, I allowed my heart to rest. But now we’ve got six months left before we’ll pack up and move again. Three moves in three years.

We’ve got so much to be thankful for. We’ve got our health, my husband has a job he loves, and we’ve got family and friends who support and pray for us. I can’t see the plan through the details, but I know the bigger picture is His glory.
So, if you’re so inclined, pray with us? Pray that our hearts are filled with peace and hope. Pray that we find a home that is good for our family, and a long term solution. Pray that we can soon share a glory story with you.