Mexican Domestic Goddess

Mexico in photos

Jacqui SkempComment

We're back from two weeks in Mexico with my family. In many ways it was much more mellow of a trip than the one we took two years ago. But it wasn't without it's challenges. 

We started off our travels by arriving in California one day, and then flying out to Mexico the next with my parents. Minor hiccup: when we were checking in for our flight we found out Ian's passport had expired the month before. My family and I flew out, and Ian met us three days later with his expedited passport.

Archie spent the first week sick with a double ear infection, but pumped him with meds and he's doing much better now.

The highlight of our time there was most definitely seeing my grandparents fall in love with our boys, and our boys fell in love with them. 

I didn't take many pictures so here are a bunch my brother took.