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1. Sickies all around. Thanks to back to school stuff, and just the season, Archie and I got sick at the beginning of last week. It was so bad for me that Ian had to take a half day to come home and take care of the boys and myself. We started to get better, and then yesterday both boys came down with fevers and are still battling them. So we're hunkered down and watching an obscene amount of TV, eating left overs, cuddling on the couch, and just lowering our standards real low like. How many episodes of Creative Galaxy can we watch? The world will never know. 

2. I'm really glad I hopped back on the meal planning train last week because with all the illness going around, I really couldn't mentally handle coming up with creative meals. I got all the grocery shopping done on Monday and it saved my butt. We've been working our way through this big ol' pot of albondigas since Wednesday, and I'm not sick of it yet. 

3. It's October so we're doing October things! Last weekend we went down to the farm to visit our family, and did the usual apple and pumpkin picking thing. I'm glad Archie were healthy enough to enjoy the day before we got right back to being sick. Photo dump: 



4. Do you like to pumpkin spice your life? I hate it. I mean, I hate the lattes specifically. Did you know you can get it without coffee? It's essentially like a hot chocolate, but with the pumpkin spice flavoring instead. I've had three in the last two weeks. Sue me. 

5. I started watching Veep recently and, you guys, how did I not know about this show? I'm wrapping up season 1, and I can honestly say that I find none of the characters endearing. But it is a hilarious show. Lots of profanity, but it's perfectly timed. Ian's been watching with me, and it makes him laugh out loud, which says a lot. 

6. More details to come (I know, I know) but we've finally got a location and a date set for the Catholic Women's Blogger Network Conference (Midwest)! March 25th, 2017, here in Saint Paul, MN. So if you were waiting for a date to plan around, you've got it. If you're a blogger or an aspiring blogger, join our Facebook group here for more info, and stay tuned on the blog. We'll hopefully be announcing all of our speakers soon. 

7. If you go to Blessed Is She, you can pre-order your Advent goods. They've got a a prayer journal with daily readings, reflections, and prompts to help you in prayer during the season of Advent written by Elizabeth Foss. There's also a beautiful print designed by Erica from Be A Heart, and they're bringing the Jesse Tree Cards back again this year. You can order all of this separately or in a bundle. It's beautiful stuff, you guys. I can't wait to get mine. 

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