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1/52 The 52 Project

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Happy New Year! 

This year I decided to take on The 52 Project, which is a series of portraits of my kiddos taken once a week, every week for 2016. I love looking back on Iggy's monthly updates, and so bummed that I haven't done the same with Archie - he's only had one update. So here's to chronicling their smallness. 

The 52 Project is hosted by Jodi at Practicing Simplicity

Iggy / 2 years 7 months

Iggy, you currently love dinosaurs, trains, trucks, plastic animals (mostly elephants), "pillybutter" sandwiches, and your boots and mittens. You have recently taken to calling me mom instead of momma and it kinda breaks my heart because it feels like you're growing up too quickly.

You are so polite and shower us in "pease" and "tank you" all the time.

Your current favorite stories are Iggy Peck Architect, The Naughty Bunny, and Lasso the Moon. 

You love to sing "Uptown Funk", "Shake it Off", "Fairytale of New York", "ABC's" and "Colonel Hathi's March" from the Jungle Book movie. 

Archie / 8 months

Archie, you are just growing so quickly. You have been army crawling all over the place for months, but just in the last week you have started to pull yourself up to stand. 

I've been able to get you to fall asleep in your crib for naps which is a major accomplishment given the fact that for the first four months of your life you would only sleep in a carrier or next to me. 

You love food. You get angry when you see food and it's not on it's way to your mouth. So far you love green beans, bananas, pear, apples, beans and egg yolk. But you also love to eat paper and hair. Pretty much anything you can get in your mouth is your favorite, and you get really angry when I have to pry a non-food item from your mouth. 

You are very loud. A lot louder than your brother. Your sad and happy sounds are just loud. 

Speaking of your brother, you are just obsessed with him. It's so incredibly sweet.