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Archie's Four Month Update

Jacqui Skemp2 Comments

I know, I know. Second child. But I've written about how crazy life has been, and I only found the chalkboard last week, so... Iggy was hanging out with his Nana and Grandpa, and I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of Archie in the rocking chair. It's the same rocking chair that my momma rocked me in. The same one she rocked my brother in. I've now rocked two of my babies in this chair. Please excuse me while I go cry a few postpartumy tears and eat my feelings.

Okay, okay, I'm back.

I know these posts are mostly for me and the grandmas, but I've really enjoyed being able to go back and read Iggy's old posts. Here we go. 

Archie, my love, you are just the sweetest little baby. You came into the world quietly, and you've kind of stayed that way. Yes, you spent the majority of your first two months crying when you weren't nursing or being rocked by daddy or Tio, but you're just the silent type. 

You love nursing and laughing with your brother and nursing. You also smile in the funniest way. You open your mouth as wide as you possibly can. That's your smile, and we love it. We can rarely catch it on camera though. 

You are pretty ready for bed around 9pm, and aside from stirring during the night to nurse you stay asleep until about 8am. You also take three nice naps during the day. Like you're brother, you've turned out to be a mega napper, and around three and a half months we were able to actually lay you down for naps. Before then you would only sleep if you were being held… or nursing. 

You current favorite toys are those plastic links and a smaller version of Sophie the Giraffe. Though, I'm pushing this stuffed giraffe. It worked on your brother. He's obsessed with Bunny. 

From the get go you've had very strong legs. In fact, I'm pretty convinced that you kicked yourself into the world. You're already rolling around the floor. As soon as I lay you down on your back you instantly turn on to your tummy. Just this week I've seen you start to scoot forward a bit. Mostly you scoot backwards because of the wood floors. 

No one can make you laugh the way your brother does. No one.

You're almost always a drooly mess. So you're rocking the bibs most of the time. You're already in six month clothing, and never got to wear a lot of the sweaters I saved from your brothers first autumn. 

I think you have hazel eyes. And you very often have a concerned look on your face. Your eyebrows are so expressive. We love it. 

This past weekend we went to the Minnesota State Fair to celebrate your grandpas birthday. It was a year ago that we were standing with your aunts and uncles and grandparents and told them that just the day before we found out that you were on your way. It has been a beautiful year getting to know you, sweet boy. We look forward to many, many more. 


Iggy at about the same age