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Annual Summer Pilgrimage

Jacqui Skemp3 Comments

Well, August, you only get two posts. 

Life has been moving fast. When we got back from California we still had about three weeks before Ian had to be back to work. We did a few projects around the house, made time for some fun outings, and took an overnight mini road trip with our friends (His & Hers blogs). 

Have you been to the Shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe? No, not that one. This one here in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The first time I visited I was accompanied by three friends who also hail from the west coast. And it was January. And snowy. And cold. I've gone back a few times since with friends and family. It's so incredibly beautiful. And when I heard that our friends Alex and Anna had never been, I proposed a little trip. We stayed at a hotel that had a sweet splash pad and water slide that the big (but still little) kids loved. And I think the dads loved it too. 


The first day was warm and humid and we made poor very-pregnant-Anna walk up the hill to the church. When we went back the following day we hitched a ride on the golf carts that run up and down the hill and it was perf. 

The Shrine itself is so beautiful, and I have some special ties to the place. First of all, there's the beautiful Memorial to the Unborn, where some children have been laid to rest, and others simply have their names engraved on a limestone wall. Since both of our families have experienced losing a small baby, it was bitter sweet to spend time with them there, and so incredibly beautiful to see our two toddlers running around the beautiful memorial. 

Second, they have a first-class relic of Blessed Miguel Pro who was martyred in Mexico. He's from Zacatecas, and so is my moms side of the family. So I always make sure to pray for all of them there. If you don't know about Bl. Pro, there's some info here, here, and more about the Cristeros War here

All in all, it was a lovely end of the summer trip for us, and we hope to make it a tradition.