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It's Good and True

BreastfeedingJacqui Skemp1 Comment

It's that time again! It's World Breastfeeding Week. I wrote about my breastfeeding struggles with my first born here. Then I wrote about how not being able to breastfeed taught me a lesson about the flexibility parenthood requires of you here. I also wrote about the particular struggles late term preemies have with breastfeeding here

A few sweet friends cautiously asked how breastfeeding was going this time. And you know when you're too afraid to acknowledge something because it seems too good to be true? Well that's been me for the last fifteen weeks. 15. Five plus ten. Three months. I'm happy to say that this bebe is exclusively breastfed. It was incredibly challenging during the first few weeks, and I'll share more on that later. Right now I just want to take a moment and acknowledge the miracle of breastfeeding. I mean, look at this baby.