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Quick Takes

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Two in a week! Wowzers!

These are short and sweet, mkay?

1. I'm knitting like a madwoman. I'm forcing myself to finish one project at a time. I really want to just start knitting all the things, but I think I need to just finish the one I'm currently working on (which is a larger project) and then the little ones I have lined up next will go by quickly. 

2. I've been watching El Tiemp Entre Costuras or The Time in Between. I didn't realize it was a novel, and I kinda wish I had started that first, but I'm enjoying the show. It's on Netflix with english subtitles, which I need because while I understand spanish, I don't know all of the idioms and what-not. Like Gran Hotel, I enjoy reading the translations, and more often than not, things are lost in translation. Which is a bummer for you, if you don't speak spanish. 

3. So speaking of books, I'm currently reading a historical fiction novel on Catherine (or Katherine or Kateryn) Parr. It's okay. It's usually my night time nursing thing, and I inevitable fall asleep reading, so maybe that's why it feels slow. Not my favorite of Gregory's books, but I'll take it. I'm hoping to read Nicholas and Alexandra next, per a girlfriends recommendation. 

4. Okay, not enough tv or books for you? That's okay. Ian and I finally finished the last season of Vikings. It's not usually my cup of tea, and it's actually aired on the History Channel, which usually puts out crap. But it's really, really good, guys. We were watching it pretty consistently this past spring, but then the baby was born and I just couldn't handle it (you know, tired). By the time I was up for watching the last.two.episodes Hulu had pulled it off. But now it's all on Amazon. We especially love the theme song.  

5. There's no chocolate in the house, and it's driving me crazy. So I'm drinking hot chocolate for my fix, and it just isn't the same. Cry me a river. 

6.  My friend, Jose, was a guest author on Corpus Christi Watershed this week writing about the stillness of the Extraordinary Form. This particular paragraph really articulates my own experience coming to the EF Mass:

But it was the Extraordinary Form that made a new worshiper out of me. It forced me to grow still because it forced me to let go of so many things I thought I needed to fix. There was no liturgical abuse to plot to fix, the music was finally the Propers that the Church asked for, the Ordinary dignified, the altar servers mirrors of the priest’s dignity and purpose. Everything was our best. Before, my thoughts constantly drifted to my personal actions as the savior of Tradition, as another new warrior supporting Pope Benedict’s “hermeneutic of continuity”, as a lead actor in this Reform of the Reform. How quickly this turned on its head, when confronted with the work of our Liturgy, done according to the book, to the best of our ability. It is embarrassing to consider how misplaced my attention had been for so long. I am an infant.

Click here to read more.

7. Last but not least, I'm hosting the Advent event for Blessed is She tomorrow night, and so excited to reunite with friends and see some new faces. Feel free to say a prayer that it is a blessed evening. 

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