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Jacqui SkempComment

Back again for my monthly blog post. 

Lately I've been using nap time and down time for organizing and cleaning up the place in preparation for my family's visit this Christmas and I picked up knitting again. 

I've been crocheting for years and years and years and years, but picked up knitting for the first time last summer. As in, last last summer. I gave up after a few failed attempts and weeks of morning sickness. A few weeks ago, inspired by who knows what, I asked my friend Anna to help me get a pair of mini mittens started. I had just completed a very easy neck warmer for Iggy's Christmas present, and wanted to try something a little more challenging. She wrote out a pattern which I saved to my notes on my phone, and after several attempts I finally finished them. 

I wanted to go out and buy more yarn to make all the things. But between my disgustingly large yarn stash and several skeins that my friend passed on to me, I decided to use what I have first. So everyone's getting something knitted for Christmas. 

I've got a few hats, scarves and mittens I would like to churn out. So far I'm making good progress and enjoying the challenge and creativity that comes with learning a new craft. 

If you're interested, I do have a small Etsy shop where I have a few goodies that are ready to ship. You can find my shop, Ceci Cebu, here