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A Late Weekend Recap

Jacqui SkempComment

I know! It's almost "the weekend' again and I'm just now getting around to dumping these photos on ya. But these babies keep asking to be played with, and cleaned up, and fed. Sheesh.

How very autumn of you, Iggy. Here we see my eldest banging on the bonfire cover with sticks. His most favorite back yard game that I'm sure the neighbors just loooove.

We did lots of cooking and baking. We went through all the apples that we picked a few weekends ago. I got two pies and several hand pies out of them. 

Not that we are always peeling apples, but it sure was nice to finally purchase and use this nifty tool

Iggy liked to help by making things more difficult. But we had time for it.

I always forget that I need to add more apples than I think I'll need. My lattice always ends up sitting high above the apples. I'll get it someday. 

For halloween the boys were dressed up as lions because hats are simple, and they are also the mascot of the school where Ian teaches and they can wear them to all one of the games we go to every year. I couldn't find the make up that I was planning on using, so no noses and whiskers.

Ian and I had a blast carving pumpkins while neither of the kids joined in. Maybe it's not fun yet, but Iggy could care less about the carving. 

Afro or lion mane. You be the judge. 

And look at that. It's the weekend again.