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Autumn in the Midwest

Jacqui Skemp1 Comment

Eight years in, and I still cannot get over autumn in the midwest. It's so amazingly crisp and bright and colorful and the weather is great for my hair.

We spent last Saturday with family and I just want to save these photos here because I'm going to need them in the middle of January.

I mean, that view though. 

Apples were picked, and babies napped. Well, one baby napped. For 20 minutes.

There's a major Old MacDonald obsession going on in our household right now, and Iggy really needed to see the moo-moo here and the moo-moo there. 

And the lucky boy got to see a donkey too. 

Archie's just surveying the land. 

Pumpkins were picked at the prettiest pumping patch I have ever seen. 

I don't think there's anything sweeter than a boy in oshkosh overalls. 

A few of these are on our front steps. 

Thank God for Octobers, amiright?