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Glory Story: a follow up

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Life has been a little busy, but when isn't it, amiright? I apologize in advance for the lack of photos in this post, but hopefully I can get a few soon! 

Almost three months ago I shared an update about our housing situation which you can read about here. Now it's time to share a story. 

Midsummer, while on vacation with family in Mexico, we got an email from our landlord that our neighbor with whom we shared a wall was complaining about frequent noise from our boys. I sat in the dark with Ian and cried. It was just a matter of time, again. How long could we live next to someone who couldn't tolerate the noise from two normal, healthy boys? We decided to take the necessary steps to sound proof as much as we could, and our landlord decided to have insulation blown into the shared wall to help with the transfer of noise. I started looking at rentals again, but what I didn't know was that Ian had started to think about buying. While buying was part of our long term plan, I thought we would have more time before starting that search. We decided to take a first time home buyers class just to start preparing ourselves for that prospect. 

It was scary and anxiety inducing for me. Aside from the responsibility of home buying, I had gotten used to renting. I actually have no problem with renting long term, so the idea of being tied down to one place was hard to wrap my head around.

The week after we dropped a small fortune on rugs to muffle the sound in the whole apartment, we got notice from our landlord that our lease would not be renewed. While we were given plenty of time to plan, it was not what we were hoping for, especially with another baby on the way. And after moving with a newborn (Archie was four weeks old when we moved) I was not looking forward to doing that again in the spring. We had talked about reaching out to a particular realtor, and she ended up reaching out to me first.  So we met with her, looked at a few houses, and before we knew it we saw this little old house in a part of town neither of us were familiar with. It wasn't the style of home I was interested in, but when I looked at the listing, something in me just knew... this was it. 

Before we had even taken our first home buyers class, we had already seen the 1920's house, and we were preparing to put an offer on it. Not even a week after seeing it our offer was accepted within a few hours. The inspection and appraisal went through with no problem, and we were on our way to being home owners. 

With the help of lots of friends and family, we packed up our life again. The day before Thanksgiving we closed on the house, got our keys, and scrubbed the place down (it's better when it's your own dirty, ya know?). Two days later the moving truck arrived, and we've been unpacking boxes for the last week. 

It still doesn't seem real to me. We haven't been in the same place for more than a couple of years in our marriage. But, as our friends toasted to on our first night in the new place, here's to no moves for at least the next decade. Cheers. 

It was a point of confusion for some, but no, we did not sell our first born. 

It was a point of confusion for some, but no, we did not sell our first born. 

An Unexpected Grief

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I lay on our sofa, bundled in a blanket. My mom sat on the opposite end, holding my week old baby, reading a book to him. 

Every day, everywhere, babies are born

Every day, everywhere, babies are kissed

Every day, everywhere, babies are loved

And then the tears flowed, and then gushed. A deluge of hot, salty streams ran down my face. My brother asked why I was crying, and my mom told him that I was just so emotional and glad that my baby was finally here. While that was so very true, the twisting ache in my chest made me realize that wasn’t the whole truth.

Just a few days earlier I had gone through the most physically and mentally challenging experience of my life. But the labor pains brought on by the birth of my son were not the first I had ever experienced. My body knew the story. It had been there before. 

In the middle of our first winter as a married couple, I sat on the bathroom floor, leaning against the hot radiator hoping to find some relief for my aching back. The pain came in waves, peaked, and eased back. They grew stronger and closer together, and after a few hours I managed to crawl back into bed. I shook, and moaned, and cried. And then the pain stopped. My husband walked me back to the bathroom, and I soon held the remnants of our first child in my hands. It was the first time I held our baby outside of my body. The last time would be when I handed the tiny casket over to my husband right before he knelt down to place our baby into the ground.

Now here I was, just two years later, snuggling a tiny new baby. I had spent so many months worried that he wouldn't make it, but he did, and he was real, and he was in my arms. He wasn't a replacement, and he couldn't take away the memory of a baby I never got to know, but he was, and continues to be, balm for my soul. His presence has eased the ache in my heart.

There was a baby who was never born

There was a baby who was never kissed

There is a baby that will forever, and ever be loved


(This blanket was knit by my aunt who made it for our first baby)

Quick Takes

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1. Sickies all around. Thanks to back to school stuff, and just the season, Archie and I got sick at the beginning of last week. It was so bad for me that Ian had to take a half day to come home and take care of the boys and myself. We started to get better, and then yesterday both boys came down with fevers and are still battling them. So we're hunkered down and watching an obscene amount of TV, eating left overs, cuddling on the couch, and just lowering our standards real low like. How many episodes of Creative Galaxy can we watch? The world will never know. 

2. I'm really glad I hopped back on the meal planning train last week because with all the illness going around, I really couldn't mentally handle coming up with creative meals. I got all the grocery shopping done on Monday and it saved my butt. We've been working our way through this big ol' pot of albondigas since Wednesday, and I'm not sick of it yet. 

3. It's October so we're doing October things! Last weekend we went down to the farm to visit our family, and did the usual apple and pumpkin picking thing. I'm glad Archie were healthy enough to enjoy the day before we got right back to being sick. Photo dump: 



4. Do you like to pumpkin spice your life? I hate it. I mean, I hate the lattes specifically. Did you know you can get it without coffee? It's essentially like a hot chocolate, but with the pumpkin spice flavoring instead. I've had three in the last two weeks. Sue me. 

5. I started watching Veep recently and, you guys, how did I not know about this show? I'm wrapping up season 1, and I can honestly say that I find none of the characters endearing. But it is a hilarious show. Lots of profanity, but it's perfectly timed. Ian's been watching with me, and it makes him laugh out loud, which says a lot. 

6. More details to come (I know, I know) but we've finally got a location and a date set for the Catholic Women's Blogger Network Conference (Midwest)! March 25th, 2017, here in Saint Paul, MN. So if you were waiting for a date to plan around, you've got it. If you're a blogger or an aspiring blogger, join our Facebook group here for more info, and stay tuned on the blog. We'll hopefully be announcing all of our speakers soon. 

7. If you go to Blessed Is She, you can pre-order your Advent goods. They've got a a prayer journal with daily readings, reflections, and prompts to help you in prayer during the season of Advent written by Elizabeth Foss. There's also a beautiful print designed by Erica from Be A Heart, and they're bringing the Jesse Tree Cards back again this year. You can order all of this separately or in a bundle. It's beautiful stuff, you guys. I can't wait to get mine. 

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