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A Little Christmas Wishlist for the Littles

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Alrighty, tis the season. Toy season, that is. Jk Jk. I'm just rounding up a few of the things we have on the boys Christmas list. If you're interested in things we have purchased and used and very much enjoyed in the past, I've got a tab at the top of my blog or you can just click here

I'm trying to keep it simple-ish this year, and trying to stick to things that we've found the boys really love and keep coming back to. So this years gifts are basically expansions of what they already have: Costumes, books, kitchen toys. 

Let's start with the kitchen stuff. Three years ago we bought Iggy the Ikea play kitchen, and it's still in really good condition, despite Archie's best efforts. I had dreams of painting it or whatever but kids, ya know? It's survived three moves and Archie so it has my stamp of approval. Anyway, we've done the Melissa and Doug and Ikea play food, but most of that is lost or broken now, So I'm shooting for "appliances" this time around. My parents gifted Iggy this Green Toys dish set and two years later it's all still in amazing condition and we use them for real food too when we're lazy. Okay, kitchen wishlist:

Coffee Pot: I used to take Archie to this toddler class and he was obsessed with the classroom coffee pot. He defended his temporary ownership of it with his... teeth. Yeah, yeah, we've got a biter. In my search for this particular item I was surprised to find that almost all of the toy coffee makers on the market these days are the single serve pod style. But I found one. I really did. 

Mixer: Iggy is very into baking, and regularly requests The Great British Baking Show, so I thought this would be an appropriate gift. I mean, I'll still bake with him, but I'm sure he would appreciate this. Adorable, right? 

Cleaning Supplies: I mean, this is how I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen, anyway. My in-laws have this at their house and my boys love it. I caught Iggy dusting on Thanksgiving, so I think this is a really good investment for me. Also, hello Mini-Me! Plus, they're on crazy sale today so I'm snagging this now. 

Last spring I bought a large pack of these capes for Archie's birthday present and the boys have gotten so much use out of them. Sometimes, they'll even wear them to the store or a football game. People love it, the boys love it, and they're inexpensive so it's a good purchase. Then for Halloween we got the boys a fighter pilot costume and astronaut costume, and I just left them out. I especially enjoy it when Iggy sings Intergalactic and dances in his space suit. So here are a few more I would like to get: 

Woody's Hat: It's not a costume, per se, but Archie's Woody/Toy Story obsession is strong. 

Knight: This is one of those where I feel like we would benefit from getting two, so maybe we will. I'm a bit nervous about offering these boys swords, but I've pretty much given up on having nice things for a while, so have at it, boys! 

Growing up, we had a little book-ornament that I loved reading. Usually I forgot exactly how the story went, so it was fun to take a break from decorating to read it. Every year we've added a book or two that we save for Advent and Christmas. It's a fun treat to bring them out and be intentional about reading them with the boys. Haley and Rosie have great lists for varying ages, but here are a few that are on my list this year: 

Home for Christmas by Jan Brett

The Night of Las Posadas by Tomie dePaola

Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale by Martin Waddell

For stocking stuffers I'm thinking oranges, chocolates, some Hot Wheels tracks for Iggy, maybe some Color Wonder markers for Archie, and probably a container of puffs or one of those chewable rosaries for Victor. They all get matching pajamas on Christmas eve, and an ornament for the tree. This year we're going with Santas. 

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Looking to Advent

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Advent is just over two weeks away. I feel like we were just digging our toes into the sand and soaking up the summer sun. Many of you are still experiencing autumn, and while it's technically not winter yet, Minnesota is running with it. While the mornings and evenings are darker, we're spending a lot more time lighting up our home. I brought some copper wire string lights and wrapped them around my citrus trees that have moved indoors for a few months. The baskets are filled with mittens, and heavy blankets are coming out of storage. 

I know lots of people are annoyed by the Target Christmas displays, but I love them. We're a people of hope and anticipation. 'Tis the season, y'all. 

advent quote 12.png

Blessed Is She has done it again, and they have some amazing Advent goodies, the highlight being the journal written by Laura Fanucci and designed by Erica Tighe

You can snag the print here

Or you can get the mug here

But you definitely need to get the journal. They sell out every year, so get one while you still can because there's a limited number of copies. 

And if you've got a prayer group that meets in person, you can register for and watch the free Advent gathering put together by Blessed Is She called Out of Nothing. There will be a talk by Fr. John Parks, and our very own Beth Davis. It will be a live event, but you can watch it later. And if you register you get a free group leader guide, but this is definitely something you can do on your own time. Aside from the talks there will be time for prayer, reflection, and journaling. You can register here

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Fall Family Visit

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What a whirlwind the last few months have been. After we got back from our trip to California it was just go, go, go. Between weddings, baptisms, trips with friends, back to school for Ian and our oldest son starting pre-k, hosting my parents, and then hosting missionaries, we're just now getting our heads on straight and finding a new rhythm. The month before my family came we (me) decided things needed to be switched around. We played a game of merry-go-round with the bedroom situation. So what was once "master bedroom, boy bedroom, boy bedroom, and guest room" became "tv room, guest room, boys room, master bedroom." Oh, and I insisted we paint one of the rooms. Ian was thrilled. It took a month because #threeboys. 

My parents and brother arrived while I was on the Blessed Is She team retreat, and we had ten lovely days together. The boys were in heaven. And even though the weather was not ideal -lots of rain- we still managed to do a few fun fall things. I also made my dad tour a house that was for sale because I am committed to them moving here.  


And of course my dad made his signature feast: carne asada, rice, beans, salsa, guacamole. Victor can't wait until he can eat it too.


We joined my inlaws for apple and pumpkin picking, and the boys really hamed it up for the photos. 


I really don't have much to say besides the fact that I am just so grateful that my parents and brother are healthy and able to visit us occasionally. We're #blessed