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Garden 2017: Part I

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It's that time of year again. Things are greening up around these parts. I was going to link to my older garden posts and thought I was for sure missing one from last year, but nope! I never wrote it. You can see a few photos on Instagram where we dug out the previous garden here and here, a view of our front planters here, and the literal fruits of our labor here and here. For our garden posts from previous years, check out this link here

Since this is our first year in this house, I think I will try and hold back from digging tons of stuff up and planting new things because 1. that's expensive and time consuming and 2. I really want to see what's going to come up this year. 

If you're able to identify anything, please let me know because I have no clue (for the most part). 

I know that this stuff in the photo below is sedum because we had it at our last place. 

Pictured below is a plant that covers a large area of our backyard, but some of it is going to get ripped out because we have two toddlers who are going to need their sandbox stat. 

I am so grateful that we own our home because this whole place needs a face lift. The amount of beige and brown and beige and brown and beige and brown is just driving me crazy. So these window boxes will get a fresh coat of paint and some pretty flowers. What are your favorite drought resistant flowers that would work in a window box? We've got western sun exposure here. 

I'm pretty sure this is a climbing rose and it needs some love. I've been reading up on how to prune them so lets just hope I don't kill it, mkay? 

Along the house in the backyard we've got hosta city, and with the amount of shade we get back here, this is going to be okay and probably go untouched. 

This little patch here is to the side of the roses and faces south, so I'm thinking depending on what comes up, we might try putting the vegetable garden in here since it gets lots of sun throughout the day. I'm thinking a couple of tomato plants, cucumber, carrots, and beets. 

I forgot to take a few photos of the porch, but there's a spot right below in the front where I think we'll put a few climbing plants so they can give some coverage when we're sitting around drinking our Jarritos tequila cocktails. I've got serious plans for that porch, you guys. Serious. 

CWBN Twin Cities 2017 Recap

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Like many things in my life this past year, planning this conference was an exercise in trust. We did not have funds to start with, we didnโ€™t even know if the speakers we hoped to have at the conference would want to or be able to join us. We just wanted to make a space where women could gather, be refreshed, and be inspired to keep creating with their hands, their words, and their hearts.

God is faithful. We said Yes without knowing what the end result would be. But, you guys, it was beautiful. I cannot think of one thing that went wrong. Our speakers were amazingly generous when it came to sharing their knowledge, wisdom, and personal blogging journeys. Some people spent hours on the road or on planes to make sure they could get here. Connections were made, online friendships became in-real-life friendships, and reunions took place.

Iโ€™ll share more in the weeks to come about my personal experience during the conference, but I want to take some time to thank all of the people who made this possible:

First, my co-hosts Anna and Susanna. Hours and hours of love and work put into this thing. We did it, friends.

Our speakers, Nell, Laura, and especially Haley who flew in from Texas and endured our crappy weather.

Our amazing dinner from Gardens of Salonica that everyone swooned over. If youโ€™re in the Twin Cities, please do yourself a favor and check them out. You can thank me later.

The amazing Katzie Truso came out and took headshots for many of the attendees. I really can't wait to see these. 

Our door prizes were provided by Lily Jade, Nena & Co, Kiki Koyote, Brooklyn Herborium, LulaRoe-Maegan Odicino, Pink Blush, Pink Salt Riot, Magnificat, Hallie Lord, Carrots for Michaelmas, Mothering Spirit, Do Small Things with Love, and Chewslife.

Swag bags were filled with goods from Be A Heart, Hatch Prints, Keep it Light Art, Call Her Happy, Brass & Mint Co., Other Side of the Fence, Mata Traders, Anneryโ€™s Handmade, Pink Salt Riot, Chrism Shop, Rakstar Designs, Brooklyn Herborium, and Magnificat.

(Pictured: Magnificat, Be A Heart, Mata Traders, Pink Salt Riot, and Brass & Mint Co.)

(Pictured: Magnificat, Be A Heart, Mata Traders, Pink Salt Riot, and Brass & Mint Co.)

Thanks to all of those who helped spread the word about the conference, who watched babies so moms could attend, and everyone else who made this day possible.

It was a blast. See you all in 2018 ;)

If you attended the conference and wrote about it, please link up below!

(most) photos courtesy of Anna

When Your Soft Body Softens Your Heart

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I posted this a few days ago on Instagram. It really should have been a blog post, but who has time to sit down for that right now? Not this girl. Anyway, I'm just going to copy and paste it below because #lazy. 

Several times in the last couple of weeks I've been congratulated on my new baby, and they aren't talking about the one in my arms. They think I'm pregnant. I get it. I look like I am. I know people have unrealistic expectations about women bouncing back after giving birth. And I know I started off with a few (or a lot of) extra pounds before getting pregnant. I'm not mad, or even really annoyed. I'm serious when I say that this pregnancy/birth has been my easiest in terms of recovery, both physically and mentally. I'm sure some of that has to do with a baby who nurses well, sleeps well, and can actually be put down in a bassinet for naps. But a lot of the ease of recovery has to do with my relationship with my body. A year ago I was determined to 1. Lose weight and 2. Not get pregnant for a good long time ๐Ÿ˜‘ I did manage to lose some weight before our little surprise joined us. I know my body is soft, and not where I want it to be. But I'll get there. It will take hard work and time, but it will happen. I'm much more patient and forgiving this time around. Maybe it's because I have a better understanding of what my body can do. It's grown three whole new human beings, and (much to my dismay this last time around- the epi didn't take in time!) I've had unmedicated labors and I've worked, and breathed, and moved these babies out of my body and I've loved and fed them with my body, and damnit, that's the most amazing thing I've ever done. So do I love the pregnant looking tummy? Not really. But I do love this body that lets me love these little babies