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We moved! (again)

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Didn't we just do this last year? Almost to the date, in fact (thank you, Facebook memories). No we weren't planning on it. No we didn't buy. #rentersforever #hopefullynotforever 

So let's rewind a bit. A year ago in April we found out we got the boot from our up-down duplex, because our upstairs noise was to much for the downstairs couple. Then we moved into a family's rental property. More about all o' that here. We were hoping to stay put for a while, but as life would have it, things didn't work out that way. 

But divine providence is, well, divine. The night after asking my fellow Blessed is She writers for prayers about our living situation, a friend was over for a visit. I was sharing how unsettled I was, and she told me that a friend of hers had just text her the night before about her rental property that was going to be available in a little over two months. We met with her, saw the place, and jumped at the opportunity. And it has been nothing short of wonderful. 

Ian's two week spring break (yay teachers) coincided with the move. We packed up over the course of two months, donated loads, and loads of stuff to goodwill, sold enough stuff to pay our movers cash, and it could not have gone more smoothly. It was a lot of work, but I was just so excited. 

Our new place is a two bedroom, side by side duplex. It's perfectly appropriate for our family size- post on small house living coming soon. Best of all, it's a short 10 minute walk to two different lakes and so close to Ian's family. 

It's been a rough year for many reasons, but I feel like we're finally able to breathe.

We're doing a lot less surviving and a lot more living. 

¿Hablas Español?

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A few months ago I took the boys to a local children's book store for toddler story time. They sang songs, danced, read stories and all the tots got their hands stamped. My super social child loved it. And on they way out (because I have a problem) I snagged a few children's books in Spanish. I shared our haul and asked if anyone could recommend a few more books. 

This is some of our current Spanish stash: 

Siempre Te Querre, Buenas Noches Luna (a gift from a beloved Tia), Dragones y Tacos, El Canguro Tiene Mama?, Colores, and El Camioncito Azul (not pictured because it's probably stuck between our mattress and the wall).

There was a time when we read Buenas Noches Luna several times every night, but the current favorite has been "Tacos". 

My brother picked up a few of these super cute books for Iggy. Have you heard of Lil' Libros? Apparently they can be found at Target, but I haven't seen them in any of our Minnesota stores. We have Contando Con Frida (Counting with Frida), Loteria: Primeras Palabras (Loteria: First Words), and Zapata: Colores (colors, ya'll). Don't tell my grandma about that last one. The woman is a Villista, through and through. 


Any other recommendations? I would love to keep adding to our Spanish collection.